Intralenticular matchstick in a toddler: A rare presentation of penetrating ocular injury from a toy gun

Jeyarine Royan, Khairy-Shamel Sonny Teo, Selva Raja Vengadasalam


To report on a rare case of an intralenticular foreign body which demonstrates that use of a spring-powered airsoft gun can result in a severe ocular injury. A 2-year-old male presented following a trauma to the left eye. The trauma was caused by a wooden matchstick from a spring-powered airsoft gun being shot into his eye. On examination, there was a shallow anterior chamber with a full thickness corneal laceration, with fragmented matchstick pieces embedded in the cornea and in the lens. The corneal foreign bodies were removed, corneal laceration wound sutured and lensectomy done. There were no post-operative complications, and the cornea wound healed with a scar. A few months later, he underwent a successful secondary intraocular lens implantation surgery with an iris claw lens. Airsoft guns are easily available to children who are unaware of its dangers. It can cause significant ocular morbidity despite successful surgical treatment of the injury.


Intralenticular Foreign Body, Ocular Injury, Toy Gun

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