Evaluation of the Performance of Automated Haematology Analyser Dymind DH73 Compared to Sysmex XN 1000 System

Zefarina Zulkafli, noor haslina mohd noor


Many types of automated haematology analysers are available for the used in clinical laboratories. It is reasonable to assume that a newly acquired piece of diagnostic equipment would run as intended, as manufacturers perform their own validation testing to prove intended use prior to launching a product in the market.  Thorough validation testing on all new haematology analysers must be performed to ensure patient safety.  This study was carried out to validate Dymind DH73, the automated haematology analysers in the Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia setting.  Blood samples send for complete blood count were selected randomly (n = 40) from healthy subjects and those who have different blood disorders. Blood specimens and quality control materials were analysed on the Dymind DH73 to evaluate precision, carry over and linearity. For correlation, we used the Sysmex XN-1000 as the comparative method. The study showed very good correlation (R > 0.9) between Dymind DH73 and Sysmex, XN-1000 in the parameters such as white blood cell, red blood cell, hemoglobin, platelet, nucleated rbc, neutrophil, lymphocyte, monocyte, eosinophil, and low correlation for basophil. In conclusion, the Dymind DH73 displayed a satisfactory performance with respect to precision, linearity and carry over. The performance of the Dymind DH73 analyser was good and compared favorably with the Sysmex XN-1000.


Automated haematology analysers; correlation; Dymind DH73; haematological parameter; Sysmex XN-1000

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