Astaxanthin cream alters type I procollagen and Matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) gene expression induced by ultraviolet B irradiation in rat skin

Arisa Siti Sofiah, Ronny Lesmana


Anti-oxidant properties of astaxanthin might protect skin from premature aging caused by UVB-rays exposure. In the present study, we explore whether topical astaxanthin cream could decrease MMP-1 and increase type I procollagen gene expression on UVB-exposed skin. Wistar rats were randomly assigned into 3 group: group that only exposed to UVB (P0) without topical treatment, UVB-exposed groups with base-cream treatment (P1) and UVB-exposed groups with astaxanthin-cream treatment (P2). UVB exposure was done three times a week with a dose of 130mJ/cm2 for 6 consecutive weeks. Creams were applied daily. Skin biopsy was performed to examine the expression of MMP-1 and type I procollagen using semi-quantitative PCR and Western blot technique. The result showed that the expression of MMP-1 in P2 groupwas significantly lower than P0 group (P<0,05). Antioxidant activity of topical astaxanthin might be involved in decreasing MMP-1 gene expression. Therefore, topical astaxanthin might be considered as a treatment to protect skin from UVB-induced photoaging


Astaxanthin cream, photoaging, MMP-1, type I procollagen, UVB rays

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